‘Domino’s will not be happy with me’

A man on TikTok continues to go viral with videos revealing secrets of the fast food industry and ways for customers to get off-the-menu items or discounted prices.

Jordan Howlett (@jordan_the_stallion8) has posted several videos in the past few months detailing hacks TikTokers can use to uplift their fast food experience.

Howlett has given out secrets for Subway, KFC, Five Guys, Wendy’s and many more fast food establishments.

“I’ve been sharing fast food secrets with everybody, and the fast food establishments haven’t been too happy about it,” he said.

One of the main restaurants Howlett has given secrets about is McDonald’s, claiming there’s a website that lets people know which ice cream machines are working, how to get a specialty apple pie or chocolate chip McFlurry and why the Sprite tastes different there.

“At this point, McDonald’s has contacted me because they’re genuinely curious as to why I know so many of their secrets,” he said in a video. “My response was, ‘Because we started a group in college called the Fast Food Secrets Club. There are only three of us, but we were very passionate in the group chat.”

Recently, he posted a video about a discount code viewers can use for Domino’s carry-out orders. With the code, customers could save over 40% on their orders.

“If I share this fast food secret with you guys, Domino’s will not be happy with me,” he said. Howlett knew the video would ruffle some feathers and warned about that scenario.

“Tell your friends. Have a pizza party. Do it quickly before it stops working,” he said in the deleted post.

The original post has been deleted, but there are others who’ve reposted it.

Howlett said that the Fast Food Secrets Club is still accepting new members, so there are going to be many more fast food hacks coming to your For You page.

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