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English Answer Key for Class 10 Page 82: Healthy Food, Listen and Answers – The following is the answer key and discussion of the English subject matter for grade 10 senior high school semester 2, Merdeka Curriculum, page 82.

English Class 10 Answer Key Page 82

This article will make it easier for you to work on English questions.

Working on high school English questions is no longer difficult with this review.

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Reported by Wednesday (18/1/2023), the title of this book is English, published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta Revised Edition intended for Class X SMA/MA/SMK/MAK students.

This answer key only applies to the 2017 revised edition of the Class 10 English Book of the 2013 curriculum.

Chapter 4 of this book is titled “Healthy Food”

After studying Chapter 4 students can produce oral and written multimodal procedural texts about healthy food according to the context and objectives to be achieved.

The following is the result of an audio recording of a conversation about how to avoid getting sick, and how to choose healthy food which is used as a source of questions and answers in this exercise.


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Niken : Hi, Sidar. How are you?
Samsidar : Not really good actually. My stomach hurts.
Niken : How did your stomach hurt? Was it because of something you ate?
Samsidar : don’t know. Probably yes.
Niken : What did you have?
Samsidar : That cireng with hot sambal.
Niken : Oh, no wonder.
Samsidar : My stomach hurts. What should I do?
Niken : First, take medicine for your stomachache. Then after it gets better you need to mind what you eat.
Always eat the right foods so you can stay healthy.
Samsidar : Right foods? What do you know about the right foods, Niken?
Niken : I know a lot about the right food. I read books on healthy foods.
Samsidar : Okay, what are the best foods to eat, then?
Niken : You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
Samsidar : OK.
Niken : Next, avoid highly fatty and greasy foods. Avoid too much sugar and caffeine too.
Samsidar : Right.
Niken : One last thing, don’t eat too much spicy food like that cireng and hot chilly you eat.
Samsidar : Oh…. Now my stomach hurts again. I need to go now.
Niken : Okay, see you then.


1. What are the speakers talking about?

Samsidar’s stomach hurts from eating spicy food

2. How does Samsidar feel about Niken knowing the right food to eat?

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