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Great Falls chef competes on the Food Network

GREAT FALLS — Mike Hallahan, executive chef and part-owner of Enbar and The Block in downtown Great Falls, will appear on an episode of “Guy’s Grocery Games” that will air on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 6 pm

The series, hosted by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, pits chefs from around the country in a three-round elimination cooking challenge, using ingredients found in a grocery store – known as “Flavortown Market”.

Halahan will be the second chef from Great Falls to be featured on the show. Tara Beam from the Roadhouse Diner made an appearance in 2017.

Hallahan said, “When I first got asked, I called Tara up and asked for advice. She was super gracious through the whole process and told me what to expect, and was a guiding force through this whole thing.”

Halahan says it’s cool that Great Falls restaurants are starting to receive national recognition.

“The food scene in Great Falls I think is evolving,” he said. “I think we’re seeing more people with more creative ideas to gain a foothold, especially some of the things we have going on at The Block and Enbar.”

He added, “We’re still in Great Falls and have that small town feel but we’re giving it some big city pizzazz.”

Hallahan can’t share details of the episode until after it airs, but says it will definitely be worth tuning in to see Great Falls represented on a national network.

“There will be lots of laughs. It was one of the most intense, exciting experiences of my life but it was fun,” he said. “The contestants I got to compete with were amazing. They were great chefs. And working with Guy and getting advice from the other judges led to an overall amazing experience.”

The Block will host a public viewing party for the episode Wednesday at 6 pm



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