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Markham restaurant charged with food safety violations

Skyview Fusion Cuisine on Woodbine charged with failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration, and failing to provide hand washing stations

A Markham restaurant was charged for two food safety violations last week by York Region Public Health inspectors.

Skyview Fusion Cuisine at 8261 Woodbine Ave. was charged with failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration and failing to provide hand washing stations with adequate supplies at a June 14 inspection, according to the inspection report filed online for June 12 to 18.

The charges stemmed from a combination of failing to protect food against contamination and failing to maintain a sanitary environment. This includes the restaurant failing to store/handle ice in a sanitary manner, failing to keep the washroom in good repair, and failing to maintain the premises in clean and sanitary conditions, according to the report.

Food handler education was carried out on site and a ticket was served with a re-inspection to be conducted at a later date.

During the inspection, the offense for failing to provide a hand washing station with adequate supplies and the offense for failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration were corrected, the report states.

York Region Public Health issues charges under the provincial Health Protection and Promotion Act. Charges are offense notices with set fines. It can also issue orders, which are verbal or written directions to correct a health hazard.

Inspections are carried out regularly and reported on weekly. Public health said the reports only speak to the condition of the restaurant at the time of the inspection and don’t guarantee its condition at any other time.

For more information on the charges above, contact York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 or TTY 1-866-252-9933.

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