Sweet Lassi With Mango & Rose

Yogurt – Since this is a vegan lassi recipe, I have used it plain unsweetened almond milk yogurt from Kite Hill. The consistency of this dairy-free yogurt works best in this recipe. There is no need to add additional water or milk. It gives a natural creaminess to this Indian yogurt drink. Just remember to use chilled yogurt.

If you are not vegan, use regular whole milk yogurt/curd or Indian dada that’s either homemade or store-bought. If you are sensitive to lactose, you can use Fage lactose-free yogurt. Full-fat, Low-fat yogurt, or Greek yogurt can also be used in this meetha lassi recipe. If you want to make it without yogurt, you can use kefir.

Sweeteners – Fine or powdered sugar is what you will need. Instead of refined sugar, you can also add brown sugar, jaggery, honey or maple syrup. Condensed milk can also be used instead. It will give the mango rose lassi a creamier texture as well. If you use sweetened yogurt, then you can skip adding additional sugar when making this sweet mango rose vegan lassi recipe.

Mangoes – You can use mango in any form – fresh/frozen mango chunks, or fresh/canned mango pulp. Indian Alphonso or Kesari mangoes or mango pulp will give this Indian yogurt drink the best flavour. Chef Tip – If your mango is not naturally sweet, you can add more sugar to get the desired sweetness.

Rose flavor – I have used Rooh Afza, a herbs rose syrup from India. You can use any brand of rose syrup. If that’s not available, add edible rose water, rose essence, and pink food color.

Cardamom is very significant to this Indian sweet lassi recipe. It gives it that unique flavor and aroma. Please don’t skip it. I have used cardamom powder, but you can also crush a fresh pod and use it.

Garnish – Dried rose petals, saffron strands, sliced ​​almonds, and chopped pistachios are some ingredients that make great toppings when making this Punjabi lassi recipe. You can add them all or add whatever you have at hand.

Besides these ingredients, you will also need a blender. Also, serving them in shot glasses or small glasses will make them look even more appetizing.

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