Cooking Class of Various Processed Plantains, As a Project of Local Wisdom of RA Palma Students

During this one week, from 16/01/2023 to 19/01/2023, the children of Raudlatul Athfal Paripurna Al Ma’shum (RA Palma) learned about the theme of plants, the sub-theme of fruit plants, and the focus on the theme of bananas. Children are given knowledge about the types of bananas, the parts of the banana tree, the benefits of bananas, and processed bananas.

Today, Wednesday, 18/01/2023, RA Palma’s children’s activity is a cooking class. Each child will cook a processed menu of plantains. The vice principal for student affairs, Musyarofah Dyah Arini Nurul Atika explained that plantains are a fruit plant of RA Palma’s local wisdom, “We use plantains because plantains grow in RA Palma’s garden.” Ustadzah Tika said.

Cooking class is a very interesting activity for children. This is seen in RA Palma children. The children seemed enthusiastic in carrying out the stages of making various kinds of processed plantains. The children were only guided by their respective class teachers in the stages of making processed plantains, but during the manufacturing process, the children were freed to make various processed plantains according to their wishes and creativity. “There are children who make banana balls, banana nuggets, chocolate bananas, banana pops, banana spring rolls, and banana crispi,” explained Ustadzah Tika while guiding the children. “This cooking class made from plantains is a project made by RA Palma students whose results are something that is eaten at school and some that is brought home so that children and their families can enjoy it,” added Ustadzah Tika.

Various processed plantains are created with milk, meses, cheese, breadcrumbs, butter, sugar, and wheat flour. These are snacks that children really like, both in the process of making and in enjoying them. With the materials provided, the children were very excited about making their own various processed plantains.

“I can sell chocolate bananas, ustadzah,” said Ms. Sachi while listening to an explanation from her teacher on how to make chocolate bananas.

RA Superintendent of the Ministry of Religion of Surakarta City, Sarkin, gave a good appreciation to RA Palma’s teacher, “RA Palma’s educators are great in educating their sons and daughters to become pious, pious, faithful, fearful of Allah SWT, and good character,” said Sarkin. He also added that today RA Palma’s teacher also equips his sons and daughters with cooking classes so that later they become reliable entrepreneurs who can create jobs without relying on other people, this is part of entrepreneurship development in realizing RA Mandiri Achievement.

The head of RA Palma, Chabibatul Basyariyah explained that in this cooking class there were 6 aspects of development that were visible to these children, “Alhamdulillah, today’s cooking class apart from being a project created by local wisdom is also useful for stimulating children in aspects of developing moral values ​​and religion, social emotional development, language development, cognitive development, fine motor development, artistic development.” (compassion)

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