Enjoy Healthy Food in the Nusa Dua Area

BADUNG, KOMPAS TV – Healthy food is becoming a trend nowadays for a number of tourists, especially European tourists who come to Bali for yoga, and tourists from India with a vegetarian diet.

Healthy food dishes are currently packaged into delicious food and have the same taste as non-vegan food. It’s like a steak made from tempeh, but tastes like meat.

One of them is a clay restaurant located in the Nusa Dua area, Bali. Here we provide a plain based concept for healthy food where all the food served in this restaurant is non-meat processed.

Like the Beef Less Steak which is one of the mainstay menus at this restaurant. The dish, taste, and presentation are like any other meat steak in general, but it turns out that the basic ingredients are not meat. But mushrooms, tempeh, eggplant which are molded and then frozen and then grilled so they look like beef steak. This dish is served with salad and potatoes.

Executive Chef of Tanah Liat Restaurant, Alit Mandala, said the menu at this restaurant features a combination of western and local ingredients.

Chef Alit hopes that this restaurant will become a pioneer of healthy food which will provide a new sensation for the audience to stay healthy with delicious food.

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