Recipe for Farewell, Tutorial Series Dealing with Separation

Korean drama mini series genre slice of life a married couple who are facing an undeniable destiny. Recipe for Farewell This is a mini series finish across 12 episodes with each episode lasting 30-40 minutes. Each episode presents a new, continuous story that guides the audience to get to know each character in the story more deeply.

For fans of Korean dramas slow and humanists must ya, enter watchlist you.

1. Based on the true story of writer Kang Chang Rae and his wife

Recipe for Farewell, Mini Series Tutorial on FarewellOnereun Jom Maeuljido Molla novel by Kang Cang Rae (

Series of stories in drama Recipe for Farewell Adapted from the non-fiction novel by Kang Chang Rae entitled Oneulreun Jom Maeuljido Molla. This novel is like a cooking practice diary of Kang Chang Rae as he takes care of his wife who is a terminal cancer patient.

Screenwriter and director Lee Ho Jae did not want to build a story that was far from the original story from writer Kang Chang Rae. Lee Ho Jae does not want to highlight only one character. He didn’t want to make the characters in this drama look sad. Of course, Kang Chang Rae is grateful for this decision.

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2. Dishes full of love and stories on the dinner table

Recipe for Farewell, Mini Series Tutorial on Farewellstill cut Recipe For Farewell (

Lee Ho Jae said, the main character in this drama is every dish that Chang Wook serves for his family. Kang Chang Wook, who was said to be unable to cook other than instant noodles, suddenly received a request from his wife to cook for his family. Determined to care for his sick wife, he finally started learning how to cook nutritious food, which of course at first lacked taste.

Vibes-its similar to the movie Little Forest, scene as Chang Wook cooks followed by Han Suk Kyu’s warm voice narration. Each dish that is served always has a story and a different mood presented by each of these dishes which will bring each character in the story to develop their emotions.

3. Starring veteran actors and actresses

Recipe for Farewell, Mini Series Tutorial on FarewellHan Suk Kyu and Kim Seo Hyung in Recipe For Farewell (

Storyline in this drama, it is increasingly alive with the appearance of actor Han Suk Kyu (Kang Chang Wook) and actress Kim Seo Hyung (Jung Da Jung). Both are veteran actors and actresses who have been in Korean drama series. One of Han Suk Kyu’s best known dramas is serial Dr. romantic which is currently also preparing for its 3rd season. He also starred in films Frobidden Dream, The Prison, and Solace.

Han Suk Kyu’s main opponent, Kim Seo Hyung, a famous actress who starred in Sky Castle, Empress Ki, Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming and many others. Acting in drama Sky Castle give impacts very powerful for the audience. This time, the character that Kim Seo Hyung has to bring to life is a wife who is battling cancer, a typical wife who is calm and loves her family. Inversely proportional to his character in the drama Sky Castle, a very strict and strict tutor who only focuses on his goals.

4. Iconic supporting actor performance

Recipe for Farewell, Mini Series Tutorial on FarewellYang Kyung Won in Recipe For Farewell (

One of scene stealer in this drama is the super market guard where Chang Wook and Da Jung used to shop. Yang Su Won, played by Yang Kyung Won. The character displayed by Yang Su Won is someone who is always on standby to help buyers with great hospitality. The presence of the character Su Won can always raise the mood in the drama so that it is not too gloomy gloomy. At the end of the story, it was also stated that Su Won, the kind-hearted super market guard, had experienced the condition of being a caregivers Same with Chang Wook.

Another supporting player is Jin Ho Eun who plays Kang Jae Ho, the son of Chang Wook and Da Jung. A young adults who has to deal with his own emotions when faced with the condition of his mother who is not well. The emotional changes of Kang Jae Ho’s character seem to be the most significant among the other characters.

5. Slowly prepare for parting with each character in the story

Recipe for Farewell, Mini Series Tutorial on Farewellstill cut Recipe For Farewell (

The character development in this play is not rushed. Starting with the husband and wife’s household, which was almost on the verge of divorce, changed slowly after the wife asked her husband to return home and cook for her and their child. Chang Wook as a husband indeed agreed to the request, but it did not necessarily change his family into a harmonious family. Every conflict raised in the episode matures every character in the story. How each character receives and reacts, slowly their communication begins to re-establish.

Conversations about separation and death don’t come up too often. Again, Lee Ho Jae did not want to make the characters in this drama look sad. Even though the audience and all the characters in the story already know that in the near future Da Jung will leave them.

Overall, this drama teaches us that farewell is not only full of deep sadness and sobbing. It’s not easy, but at least we can enjoy every moment we have before the separation actually comes. Until in the end those moments will become memories and will always live on in everyone who is left behind.

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