This Genius TikTok Hack Will Save You So Much Time Peeling Potatoes

The internet is filled with all kinds of kitchen hacks. But a new video has gone viral for getting back to basics and showing people the correct way to use a common kitchen tool. And we’re still trying to recover from the shock.

According to a jaw-dropping TikTok video, we’ve all been using our potato peelers the wrong way. Before you get too down on yourself, the correct way to use the peeler takes very little adjustment. Maybe you lift the peeler up after every stroke, and only peel it away from yourself? Instead, you should be keeping the peeler on the potato while using a back-and-forth motion, peeling each time you move it, according to this video.

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The potato peeler reveal was shared by TikToker @jenniabs3 and her video has received nearly 9 million views.

“Fun kitchen facts. Did you know the reason potato peelers swivel back and forth is that you can not only go down, but forward when you’re peeling so that you can peel the entire thing super fast without having to actually lift up the peeler off of the vegetable,” she explained.

The nearly 6,000 comments on @jenniabs3’s video pretty much tells us everything we need to know about the level of shock people are dealing with. One user even recommended that we bring cooking classes back so we don’t miss out on this need-to-know info.

“This is why we need cooking classes back in high school! How am I just finding this out at 26,” they commented.

There was also a bit of pushback, with some TikTok users declaring that the peeler swivels to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed people.

“Potato peeler swivel back-and-forth because some people are left-handed and some people are right-handed that’s the reason!” one user wrote.

So, how will you be peeling from now on?

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