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Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Smoothies

I was never much of a breakfast person until I started making this mango-passion fruit smoothie. But one day, I was trying to think of some way to use up a bag of frozen passion fruit I had bought on a whim—and I came up with this easy five-ingredient breakfast smoothie. It was love at first sip, and now I can’t stop making it. I’ve been whirring up this recipe every morning for my husband and me ever since. This recipe makes enough to fill two 16-ounce mason jars, so it’s a perfect grab-and-go breakfast to bring to work.

Nutrition Notes

Passion fruit on its own is pretty tart, which I love. I wanted to find a way to sweeten it without added sugar, so I paired it with frozen mango and Medjool dates. I added plain yogurt for some protein. The fresh kale complements the tart passion fruit flavor, while mellowing it out a bit. I love that my husband and I are sneaking in some of our veggie servings at breakfast. And kale is packed with nutrients like lutein, folate and vitamin K that help fight inflammation and slow cognitive decline.

Tips from the Test Kitchen

Can You Use Spinach Instead of Kale?

Yes! While we find that kale is a better pairing with passion fruit, you can substitute the leafy green. If you do use spinach, I would use baby spinach, as the flavor of mature spinach will overpower the other ingredients and taste “spinach-y.”

Can I Use Passion Fruit Puree Instead?

Yes, you can use passion fruit puree—however, it might change the texture of the smoothie. Many purees include seeds, while frozen passion fruit cubes don’t. Another thing to be aware of is the nutrition in passion fruit puree. Some purees have added sugar, so if you’re looking to keep an eye on sneaky added sugars in your diet, that’s one place to be mindful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Find Frozen Passion Fruit?

I love frozen passion fruit because it comes in convenient little cubes without the seeds and without any added sugar. Look for brands like Pitaya Foods with other frozen fruit at your local grocery store.

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