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Which food trucks will be in North Vancouver this year?

A pilot program is returning with a longer list of options like ice cream, fancy hot dogs and bibimbap

Hot eats and cool treats will be rolling into more locations on the North Shore this year.

A food truck pilot that kicked off in the District of North Vancouver last summer, with limited participation, is returning with a longer list of options.

District staff issued the first round of permits April 7, which include:

  • Cream Ice Cream
  • Kyu Grill
  • J’s Disco Dogs
  • Steamworks Food Truck
  • Mahshinko Food Truck
  • Indian Food Trucks

The first operating day of the food truck program was Sunday, April 9 at Maplewood Farm. District spokesperson Ryan Schaap said staff would continue to accept more applications through the summer until all locations and dates were filled.

Seven locations have been approved for food trucks to set up: Bridgman Park, Lions Gate Plaza, Inter River Park, Lynn Canyon Park, Lynn Valley Park, Maplewood Farm and Parkgate Park.

Locations that have been excluded from the pilot are Whey-ah-Wichen/Cates Park, Deep Cove and Edgemont Village.

There may be other locations subject to district approval or at certain events.

Food trucks must have a business license, which costs $262, and pay $74 for a permit to operate.

The pilot runs until Oct. 30.

Last year, Coun. Jordan Back tabled a motion to make it easier for food trucks to operate in the district. The City of North Vancouver is running a similar pilot.

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