Celebrating Megawati’s Birthday, Dewi Aryani and Ragil Tresna Hold a Cooking Demo

TEGAL NEWS – In order to celebrate the 76th birthday of the chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, Megawati Soekarno Putri, Dewi Aryani and Ragil Tresna Setyaningrum carried out a cooking demonstration activity.

The cooking demo activity was held at the Karangmulya Village Hall, Suradadi District, Tegal Regency, Monday, January 23 2023.

Dewi Aryani who is a Member of Commission IX of the DPR RI accompanied by Ragil Tresna as a Member of the Tegal Regency DPRD demonstrated several special recipes for pregnant women and toddlers, especially menus for stunting prevention.

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“This cooking demo activity is a form of our love for the general chairman of the PDI Perjuangan, Ms. Megawati, who is celebrating her 76th birthday today,” said Dewi Aryani.

According to him, this cooking demo activity could not be separated from Megawati’s role in always reminding PDI Perjuangan cadres about stunting prevention.

“Ms. Megawari always reminds us (PDI Perjuangan cadres) to care about stunting,” said Dewi Aryani.

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Furthermore, Dewi Aryani explained that the food processed in this activity was healthy food made from cheap, affordable ingredients.

“The dishes that we process are made from cheap raw materials and can be obtained around Tegal Regency itself, including sea fish, cassava and various local vegetables,” he concluded.

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