MasterChef fans bemoan tweak to rules as BBC cooking series returns

MasterChef has returned for its 19th season on BBC One – with a small but significant tweak to the rules.

The competitive cooking series, starring John Torode and Gregg Wallace, sees a group of aspiring chefs battle it out for the culinary crown.

Near the beginning of Monday night’s (10 April) episode, the two judges informed the chefs that they would wait outside the kitchen while their dishes were being prepared.

Wallace and Torode would then sample each competitor’s dish from a separate dining room.

“You’ll have one hour and 20 minutes to cook your dish,” Torode explained to the candidates. “Our MasterChef the floor manager will be keeping you to time.”

In previous seasons, the judges were allowed access to the kitchen in order to inform contestants of their remaining time, announcing at the end that their time is up.

On social media, fans of the show complained that this role has now been outsourced, as some took issue with the new floor manager’s demeanor.

“Who is the bossy timer?” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“What’s the idea behind the floor manager?” another person wrote. “Someone needs to give him 30 seconds to bugger off through the doors.”

‘MasterChef’ presenters John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

(BBC/Shine TV)

“There is literally no love for the floor manager,” someone else commented. “Not a fan.”

“What’s with the unnecessary, bossy floor manager?” a fourth viewer asked.

Others, however, praised the new addition to the show, with some even demanding that the floor manager be given more screen time.

“Can we have more time checks with the floor manager please!” requested one person.

“As Gregggggg returns to shouting the time we all remember why the floor manager dude is such a relief,” wrote another.

MasterChef continues Tuesday 11 April at 9pm on BBC One.

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