13 Best Tips For Cooking Beans From Scratch

So, you’re already cooking your (fresh) beans in plenty of flavorful broth. What’s next? You can still amp up the flavor even more by adding in a few more aromatics. A good place to start would be an onion or a head of garlic cut in half, a few carrots, or a stalk of celery. If you have them, add a bay leaf or a few sprigs of thyme. The aromatics can be paired with the bean of your choice, as well. Some toasted dried chilies in a pot of black or pinto beans are perfect for bringing that South-of-the-border flavor, and a couple of cloves are often the secret ingredient in a big pot of French cassoulet beans.

These aromatics and flavoring elements work to add even more layers of flavor to your beans. It may sound complicated, but it’s not. Take black beans, for instance. Simply top the beans with some broth, throw in a half of an onion, a carrot, and some pasilla chilies and simmer until tender and you have the makings for perfect black beans.

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