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Do You Cook Rice In A Pressure Cooker? Know How To Lose Weight By Cooking The Ayurveda Way

Make cooking rice healthy and simple using Ayurveda.  Pic Credit: Freepik

Make cooking rice healthy and simple using Ayurveda. Pic Credit: Freepik

Rice is a versatile grain known to serve various purposes. Beyond its role in cooking, it is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of fertility, good health and riches. Throwing rice at a wedding couple is typical in America as a wish for fertility and wealth.

In India, rice is used for devotion, and in the Far East, mandalas are stunning works of art made from colored powdered rice. Rice, especially white basmati rice, is a staple food in the Ayurvedic system because it is simple to cook, easy to digest, and very adaptable in both savory and sweet recipes.

White rice is seen to be the simplest to digest, while basmati rice is thought to be sattvic, or pure because it balances the three doshas. It is easy to digest and beneficial for the body’s tissues.

The scent and flavor of aged basmati rice are possibly the best in the entire globe. Because parboiled, quick, or precooked rice contains less nutrition and prana, or life energy, Ayurveda advises against eating it.

Dr Vaishali Shukla, an Ayurvedic expert shares the proper way to cook rice. She states that it is always better to cook rice in an open pot as compared to a pressure cooker. Know how to cook rice in an Ayurvedic manner by following these steps:

STEP 1: Wash the rice at least 2-4 times before cooking. This helps get rid of the components used to give the rice a polished look as well as removing dirt, dust and other impurities.

STEP 2: Boil the water and add the washed rice in the ratio 1:4 (rice: water ratio)

STEP 3: Stir the pot occasionally while the rice gets cooked within 15 minutes.

STEP 4: Once the rice gets cooked, drain excess water, cover it with a lid and let it stay for 10 minutes.

STEP 5: Serve warm

Cooking rice in this way gets rid of the starch that causes weight gain.

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