DPR Commission IV forms a Panja to investigate food estates in the region

Tangerang (ANTARA) – Commission IV of the House of Representatives agreed to form a Working Committee (Panja) to investigate food estates in various regions after holding a meeting with opinions (RDP) with the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday.

“We have agreed that I was asked to form a Panja regarding food estates in several areas,” said the chairman of the DPR’s Commission IV, Sudin, in a statement in Tangerang, Wednesday.

Sudin stated that there was no fake food estate program. However, he emphasized that the data regarding the food estate program was manipulated or marked up by the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan).

“I need to emphasize that there is no fake food estate. What is available is the data marked up by the ministry of agriculture from the results of the food estate,” said Sudin

The PDI Perjuangan politician continued that if the food estate is fake then there is no potential to produce agricultural products. He confirmed that the food estate program had potential but the data was manipulated.

“I’m also intrigued to read in the media. Fake food estate, there’s no fake food estate. If it’s fake, it means there’s no food estate, there’s no potential. But there’s a food estate, which isn’t quite right, is the report on production,” he said.

Previously, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said implementing the food estate program was not an easy matter. According to him, in the agricultural sector there are constraints or natural factors that affect agricultural production.

“It’s not like turning a hand. Dealing with land, dealing with pests, dealing with the weather, dealing with people. It takes patience to deal with it,” he said at the DPR RI Jakarta building, Monday (16/1/2023).

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