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KOMPAS.com – Drink recipes for cholesterol are included in one of the most read news on Food Kompas.com from January 2-4, 2023.

Apart from that, other news that has also received attention is related to predictions of global food trends in 2023.

Two of the news included in the top five most popular news related to the legendary eating places in Tasikmalaya and the sweet and sour omelet recipe.

For more details, here are the most popular news Food Kompas.com from January 2-4, 2023.

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1. Tomato Juice Recipe to Lower Cholesterol, Add Apples and Oranges

You can enjoy various menus of fresh drinks made from processed fruit, after enjoying grilled menus such as thinly sliced ​​beef, chicken, and various seafood at the New Year’s party.

A combination of apples, oranges and tomatoes, you can make a drink that lowers cholesterol in the body.

Check out the tomato juice recipe to lower cholesterol here.

2. Eight Drink Recipes to Lower Body Cholesterol Levels According to New Year’s Parties

After enjoying various processed meat menus in large quantities, cholesterol levels in the body may increase. It is better to limit the amount of meat consumed.

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One of them is to enjoy drinks with the main ingredients of fruit and seeds.

Kompas.com summarize, a series of fresh drink recipes that you can try to help lower body cholesterol.

Learn more here.

3. Eight Predictions of Global Food Trends in 2023, What Are They?

Purple sweet potato, one of the foods for prediabetic sufferersfreepik/dashu83 Purple sweet potato, one of the foods for prediabetic sufferers

Entering the new year, various predictions of global food trends for 2023 have been released again.

Food trends, ranging from interest in traditional dishes to minimal waste offerings, are predicted to increase globally in 2023.

Reported from New York Times And Spoon Universitysee the following eight predictions of global food trends for 2023.

Check out predictions for global food trends for 2023 here.

4. Seven Legendary Dining Places in Tasikmalaya, There’s Mie Bakso Laksana

Culinary in Tasikmalaya there are various and not only Sundanese specialties. You can go on culinary tours to various legendary eating places in Tasikmalaya.

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There are the famous meatball noodles, kupat tahu, tutug oncom (TO) rice, and fried chicken. This legendary culinary Tasikmalaya is suitable to be enjoyed with the family, because it is famous for its delicious taste.

Here are the recommendations here.

Eggs can always be a mainstay for saving money on food shopping. Eggs are a nutritious protein, inexpensive, delicious, and easy to process.

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Bored with the same processed eggs, try cooking a sweet and sour omelet.

This recipe from Serving Sedap is suitable for children’s school lunches or office supplies because it’s easy to cook.

Learn more about the sweet and sour omelet recipe here.

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