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Who owes IDR 1.2 trillion to ID Food and hasn’t paid yet?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Holding BUMN Food, ID Food, apparently has bad debts of IDR 1.2 trillion. These receivables are being billed regularly.

“Our focus is also to collect bad debts of approximately IDR 1.2 trillion,” said Main Director of ID Food Frans Marganda Tambunan at Commission VI Hearings (RDP) DPR RI, Tuesday (24/1/2023).

Marganda revealed that these receivables are very important to support ID Food’s working capital, especially this year.

Sugar self-sufficiency, ID Food Boosts Production of 400 Thousand Tons in 2025 (CNBC Indonesia TV)Photo: Self-sufficiency in Sugar, ID Food Boosts Production of 400 Thousand Tons in 2025 (CNBC Indonesia TV)
Sugar self-sufficiency, ID Food Boosts Production of 400 Thousand Tons in 2025 (CNBC Indonesia TV)

“Hopefully it can help our working capital. This means we don’t have working capital but we have a lot of money outside. Receivables are from fellow BUMNs, there are also private ones,” he said.

A number of programs are being launched by ID Food this year. For example boosting sugar production. In 2022, ID Food’s sugar production did not disappoint. The amount of sugarcane milled is 3.96 thousand tons in 2022.

“This figure has grown 14% from 2021, 3.4 thousand tons,” he said.

Meanwhile, the productivity of sugar cane farming in 2022 will reach 78 tonnes/ha, up 5.83% from last year which was only 73.7 tonnes/ha. On the other hand, sugar production rose 3.91% to 263,155 tons in 2022.

But unfortunately, the yield or content of sugar in sugarcane stalks reportedly decreased from the previous year, which was only around 6.61% from last year’s 7.26%. This is caused by the impact of the weather which often rains.

Even so, ID FOOD estimates that this year’s yield of sugarcane will be higher because this year’s weather is expected to be hotter. So that it can increase sugar production and support This year’s demand for sugar consumption reached 3.2 million tons.

Hearing about Rp 1.2 trillion in bad debts, Rieke Diah Pitaloka, Member of Commission VI of the DPR RI, asked for data on who had to be billed. He also asked the Leaders of Commission VI of the DPR to audit this matter.

We are asking for detailed data on the Rp 1.2 trillion debt, Sir, in Commission VI you can help collect it in the courtroom. At least go to BUMN Mr. The Rp 1.2 trillion burden from the old management was no joke. The solution is not to ask for PMN again. Therefore, I propose to the leadership for an investigative audit of this matter as well,” said Rieke.

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