How to cook crispy bacon: The ‘right way’ according to a chef is not to use a frying pan

In a recent video, the chef demonstrated his method of cooking crispy bacon.

On day four of his “just the tip” series, he said: “Let’s cook bacon the right way.”

He explained: “Instead of using a skillet, we’re going to use a sheet tray.”

He placed a sheet of baking paper on the sheet tray and took the bacon out of the packet and lay it rasher by rasher along the tray.

But he overlapped the bacon ever so slightly until the whole tray was full.

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“At this point, we need to make a decision,” he added. “We can use one of these,” he said referring to a wire grill or cooling rack

“and put that down on top of” the bacon rashers.

“If you don’t have one of these”, he recommended placing another sheet tray on top.

The trays then went into the oven – the temperature and time were not mentioned, but several followers revealed how long they cook bacon using the same method.

One revealed: “I do in the oven also, lay another parchment sheet over bacon, top pan doesn’t get greasy. cook @400 for 30 minutes.”

“I put the bacon on the wire rack and let the grease drip off as it cooks 375 for 20 minutes or until it’s done to your liking,” another said.

A third wrote: “Place cooling rack down first then bacon on top, parchment in top. Less grease/fat on the bacon and less splatter in the oven.”

“Been doing that for years! That’s how we cooked it at the restaurant I worked at, now that’s how all my family makes it,” a comment read.

Matt then showed the result of his bacon: “Look how straight that is! Boom, drippy!” He recommended saving the bacon fat as it is “liquid gold”.

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